ILCO CUTTER BLADE X23MC FOR 045 KEY MACHINE per Each is really affordable gadgets with unique design and sophistication. This product is simple to be placed in a various area quickly. It is simple to be cleaned from any smell, dust, pollen and smoke toxin. Everyone who purchases it will be pleased with the design and functions. It is geared up with attractive color, high-quality materials, and futuristic design.
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Product brand:Kaba

Original Price:$136.46/us

Milling cutter, 2-3/8" diameter with 1/2 mounting hole. High speed steel construction, used on KABA-ILCO 045 machine. Product Specifications Brand: Kaba Condition: New UPC: 076335063898 MPN: X23MC SKU: 1907970

ILCO CUTTER BLADE X23MC FOR 045 KEY MACHINE per Each is very impressive and attractive. This product is ideal for individual and small or big group of households. With contemporary design and gorgeous design, it is a wonderful product for charming individual. Lots of people will certainly feel the remarkable of this product and how fantastic of it works. If you are searching for a right product that save more money in shopping budget, it is the better product to acquire with high quality and reasonable. It can make individuals very satisfying, safe and convenience in operation.
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